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The candidate management system is a secure online feature packed management system that can be tailored to your organisations exact needs. The system features include :

  • Allow Administrators to define a set of awards, qualifications and memberships. Manage provider moderation,
  • Allow candidates and members to manage their own personal data; Register on Qualification/Award Scheme; Record CPD activity; Book on Courses, workshops and events; Record activity in a Digital Log Book; buy products from an online shop; display an optional public profile (single page web presence).
  • Allow providers to add courses & workshops, manage candidates, complete training and assessment records, issue digital or printed certificates.
The system keeps track of who has registered for each qualification and if the candidate has completed the required training and assessment modules linked to each qualification.

Qualifications and Memberships

If required the system can also ensure that a candidate is part of a membership organisation before registering. These membership organisations can be managed within the system or linked to an external third party system for validation requirements.

If required the system can manage entry level qualifications that require no previous experience, qualifications that require a prerequisite and qualifications that require administrator authorisation during the registration process.

Candidates can pay online and are instantly enrolled on the qualification.

Candidates are able to download and print registration certificates with a QR code links to their profile once they have registered.

The system will also produce required PDF’s to be able to print membership cards, covering letters and address labels. Each candidate is also able to upload a profile picture to use on these membership cards or link with Social Media. Allow renewals are managed using automated renal reminder emails.


Upon registering for a qualification a candidate is able to search through a set of courses that have been created either by administrators or by providers.

The system can either take payments for course bookings online or can simply forward a candidates expression of interest directly to the provider who can then manage the booking system using their own in house system.

Course booking can manage any chronological prerequisite conditions that may be required eg: You must pass Part 1 before booking on part 2.

Course Reports

Providers of courses are able to fill in courses reports and grade each individual candidate that attended the course.

These course reports allow a provider to give details about the location of the course and also give the option to write about how each candidate can improve if required.

A course report can also contain a list of candidates that attended the course as a staff member or an observer.

When a provider has finished filling in a course report the candidates on the course are automatically emailed to let them know what grade they received. An email will also be sent to the administrators asking them to sign off the course report.

Workshops and CPD

To compliment the users training records the Candidate Management system supports CPD entries and workshop bookings to help keep your candidates up-to-date.

Workshops bookings can be paid for online and also implement a prerequisite rule set so that if required a candidate can only book onto a workshop if they have passed a selected qualification.


The Candidate Management system allows you to keep in touch with your candidates by sending HTML branded emails to either all candidates or pre defined subsets of candidates.

Each email that is sent keeps a record of how many times it was viewed and how many times a link was clicked within the email. This will allow you to easily see how successful a marketing campaign has been.

The system can also send out automated email each day to candidates. These emails include membership renewals, course booking remainders, assessment reminders and workshop reminders. These are defined by pre-set rules. These types of automated emails keep users coming back to the system when they may have forgotten something important.

Social Networking

Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are integrated into the system. This will allow automatic posts to be generated to these social networks when user registers on a qualification, passes a qualification or when a provider creates a new course / workshop on the system.

This will mean that candidate’s connections (who are highly likely to share similar interests) will see what they have been doing and are more likely to be attracted by the post.

To help keep the login process as smooth as possible (as people often forget their password) the system also supports a single click Facebook or Twitter login.

The system also produces what we call a badge control (see below) that displays a graphical representation of which qualifications a candidate currently holds. This control has been made to allow candidates to add it onto their own website, this badge control is proven to generate an increase in traffic to the website and in turn helps increase registrations.

Statics / Work tasks

The Candidate Management System has several sections for administrative tasks such as producing daily or weekly reports of which providers needs moderating and when their next course is.

Several graphs are produced within the system that display information such as which award is most popular, the gender and age of candidates and the number of people joining the member organisations. All reports can be downloaded as CSV files or exported as calendar entries.

An extensive suite of business reports and statistics are managed within the system and can be tailored to your needs.

Log Book

The Candidate Management System has several pages for common tasks within the system such as producing a list for administrators to view so they know which of the course providers needs moderating and when their next course is. A table is also produced to allow administrators to view which provider has outstanding debit in terms of their payments. Several graphs are produced within the system that display information such as which award is most popular, the gender and age of candidates and the number of people joining the member organisations.

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